Want an MCA, Merchant Cash Advance, Business Loan Alternative, or do you need one? Wants vs Needs!

I just got off the phone with my partner Ashley Aldridge and he brought up a conversation he had just been part of with a prospective applicant and the ISO Partner who rousted up the business owner. Ashley went on to explain to me that at some point in the conversation the business owner said to Ashley and the ISO that he would think about it. Ashley being the veteran he is, addressed the business owners comment immediately, understanding of course that if the business owner was g

oing to think about the contract that he must have options, or must not have an immediate need for this money. Those are the type of business owners that should never reach an ISOs pipeline. They should be shut down prior and not allowed to move forward. These business loans alternatives, MCAs, Merchant Cash Advances are not meant for people that are kicking tires, and Ashley knows this. So Ashley shut the business owner down and said if he didn't need the money right away we were pulling our offer. That's when the business owner did what almost all business owners do and immediately changed his tune. Soon, the business owner was reassuring Ashley that he needed this money and would get the contract back to the ISO immediately so we could fund the loan today.

Died in the wool sales veterans may call this a take away sale- but not Ashley, and not the true veterans under the Mom and Pop Business Funding brand. WE understand that almost ALL of these business owners that fill out an application have NEEDS and they can't hesitate to pull the trigger and move forward because of those needs. Whether it be for a piece of equipment that has gone bad, a roof blown off of a hotel in a wind storm, or Christmas inventory sitting in a storage container out at sea, the bottom line is this, IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE to find out what they want or NEED this money for!!! As there is a MASSIVE difference between a merchants wants and needs. We work with business owners that have been turned down by the bank, or that can't wait in a pipeline of a banks for 45 to 90 days for a decision. Our loans, advances, business loan alternatives, are fast, quick (1 to 2 days) and easy, and not meant for someone kicking a tire and taking their time..., we are in the business of helping merchants achieve their needs and doing so quickly, with the least path of resistance! We work with companies that have immediate NEEDS! It's all about NEEDS vs wants..., and we take care of business owners needs here at Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom and Pop Business Funding, not their wants!

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