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               Welcome to 2020!

                  Looking to change your life for the better?


          Want to attend a live workshop with Bret? 


          'first come first served'

     Only 15 Seats Available Total

                                March 6th, 7th and 8th

          You're invited to join Bret Martin for a Live   Weekend of Insight, Inspiration and motivation!



 Mom and Pop Business Funding's CEO Bret Martin

 would like to invite you to join him Friday evening

 March 6th, Saturday March 7th and Sunday March   8th in beautiful Southern Oregon.


Arrive Friday evening March 6th depart early evening Sunday March 8th.


Medford Oregon 7 miles north of Ashland Oregon (Home to the Oregon Shakespearean Festival) 

Weekend Topics​

How to become Successful at anything you choose to do


Self improvement

How to improve your self talk

Bret's Tree Trunk Sales Method

Sales techniques & How to sell anything

How to find prospects 

Communication and timing

How to set and follow thru on Goals (short term, medium term and long term)

How to forgive yourself when you let yourself down

Bret's 7 Keys to success broke down in Layman's terms

Public Speaking - Breaking it down and confronting any fears you have



Ingredients of the sale


I Am, vs., I will be, or I was a little while ago (Touch yourself and watch it fade). 

Be Brief yet informative 

The 5W's of sales

Subliminal seed planting

The art of the handshake and pleasantries 

Noticing someone and how to be noticed

How people think, what makes people take action

What to say and what not to say during conversations with prospects

Uncomfortable vs comfortable 

Metamorphosis Lizards, snakes and human beings

Home Row Emotions

Surround yourself with light not darkness 

Vampires, how they drain us and how to protect yourself from them!

Tools of the trade

Take notes help process they are willing to share

Sales and advertising time - HALLOWED GROUND

New Years Resolutions

Tool shed 

Jack in the bean stalk 

Distractions Diabetes, migraines, 

Chalk board

Excuses are like rear ends  

Anxiety Medicine 

A set of crutches 

Get your Nose Bloody 

Be Deliberate 

Try vs., do. Just do it, it's done

Manners and nerves 

Dodo Bird

Nothing is FREE, you have to Pay Attention & Invest your time 


Prey on their predictability  

Do be a booger 

Closed ended questions vs open ended questions

Self fulfilling prophecy

The definition of insanity

Assumptive close

Self fulfilling prophecy 

Soft sell

I am the problem, I am the solution to the problem, and therein lies the problem

Pointing a finger 

Are you afraid of failure?

Simon Says 

Familiarity breeds success

Volleyball sales 

What is the Cost to register and attend?


(Two thousand four hundred ninety five dollars)

Deposit Payment

* $500.00 deposit payment.

* Please note your $500.00 deposit payment is non-refundable.

When is Deposit due?

* Deposit Payment of $500.00 is due on or before Friday January 24th, 2020 at 5pm EST.

Registration fee includes the following

* Registration fees include all meals, alcohol and hotel accommodations.

* Rental car allowance of up to $100.00 total for those that rent a car

Items "not" included in Registration fee?

* Travel expenses and plane tickets not included.


Remaining Balance 

* Remaining balance of $1995.00 is due by Friday February 7th, 2020 at 5pm EST.

* If balance payment not received by this deadline above you will forfeit your registration.

Cancellation Policy

* Email cancellation request to no later than Sunday March 1st 2020 at 5pm EST.

* Cancellation after March 1st, 2020 at 5pm EST results in no refund of $1775.00

* No refund for unused portions of the workshop and weekend, including but not limited to, missed meals, hotel nights and sightseeing.

What is included in the cost?

A). Separate lodging for each person for Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday checkout

B). Food, to include any special diets

C). All Beverages, to include coffee, tea, pop, milk, and any alcohol in the bar 

d). $100.00 total rental allowance for those that choose to rent a car

For those that are not going to drive, Bret Martin will pick you up at the airport Rogue Valley International Medford Airport 

and bring you to the hotel.









                 We will be staying at the Courtyard by Marriott Medford Airport.


                                    The Hilton Garden Inn in Medford Oregon.


















    "No single person in the Merchant Cash Advance/Small Business Loan Alternative industry has had such an impact as Bret Martin has"

Having introduced and trained over 57,000 men and women into the industry and produced more business than any other individual and in many cases than most companies


    "Bret's insight to the industry, stories, sales techniques, motivational and inspirational skills will leave you with a weekend workshop to remember for years to come!

Who knows, this may even change your life!!!

Bret Martin CEO & Founder of Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions and Business Funding
Airplane landing on runway
Courtyard by Marriott
Stay at the Hilton
Bret Martin, CEO & Founder
Table Rock


Say goodbye to long, complicated, time-consuming applications! Mom & Pop has a simple one page application process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. This sets your clients at ease as they are use to filling out paperwork for hours, if not days!


Even if you've been turned down by banks before, Mom & Pop will work with you to help you find alternative funding solutions for your business, regardless of whether or not you have been turned down for any reason, to include less than spotless credit.


After you've been approved, we'll get your contract for  funding the same day so you can put your money to work immediately! Nothing on earth drives any of us more nuts than sitting around waiting for the approvals process with most lenders.

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