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Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions has built the largest ISO Partner - business loan broker platform in the nation with our CEO Bret Martin having trained  over 81,000 men and women without experience in the last 14 years. ​

Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions provides business loans and merchant cash advances to business owners in 2 to 3 days up to $1,000,000.00. 

Small Business Loan, Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions
Merchant Cash Advance, Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions


Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions is the only Merchant Cash Advance company in America that allows it's 1099 sales staff which are called ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) to market our brand name with our marketing materials and our application so that the ISO does not have to reinvent the wheel and or incur the costs of building it's own website, and or designing and building their own marketing materials...


Who is Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions?


Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions is one of the largest funding companies in the business loan alternative, merchant cash advance space and a marketing company that is the brain child of Bret Martin who has strands of DNA that can be traced back to the inception of the merchant cash advance industry with such companies as The ISO Recruiting Company, Subprime Business Funding, West Coast Business Funding, East Coast Business Funding and The Merchant Cash Advance Company.

Business Loan Alternatives, Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions


Who is Mom and Pops Clientele?


Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions provides working capital to business owners across America via our 1099 ISO's who are independent contractors. Our business loan alternatives are available for business owners who have good credit or bad credit. Many of Mom and Pop's clientele come to us through banks that have turned a business owner down and they needed to look for other alternatives.


Where is Mom and Pop Headquartered?


Mom and Pop is headquartered out of Medford Oregon, 97504. We have offices in Arizona and Florida also.


How fast can a business owner receive working capital?


Here at Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions we have funded business owners requests as fast as the same day, but in over 90% of all cases, our applicants receive their business funds within 2 to 3 days, We provide the quickest business loan alternatives and merchant cash advance in the merchant cash advance arena and small business loan industry.


How much working capital can a business owner obtain?


When we first started back in 2007, most of our clients received less than $150,000, but now each and every day we have applicants that qualify for up to $1,000,000.00 and we will provide that much working capital. Mom and Pop loans or advances up to 2 times a business owners gross monthly bank deposits.



Why are these called merchant cash advances instead of business loans?
Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions business loan alternatives are called merchant cash advances in 49 states and in California they are called small business loans by California state law. Here at Mom and Pop we advance a business owner working capital based on their past business sales performance and going forward we take a small portion of the business owners gross sales each day, weekly, twice a month or monthly depending on a businesses cash flow until the advance is paid back. 
What if A Business Owner has credit issues?  Or bad credit?
Many of our small business loan applicants have had credit issues in years past, and Mom and Pop understands that the economic climate had a ton to do with it. In most cases if you have a problem with credit issues, we have no problem with that. On rare occasions we just advance your business a little less money is all, but having bad credit is not a loan killer with Mom and Pop for the most part, not at all.
Small Business Loan, Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions
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