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Dan Rodriguez

 813 382 0539 

Since ancient times there were cities that had the richest economies of scale.

From Rome to Ancient Egypt, we still hear about the sheer vastness and incred-

ible stories from those distant times. But since 2020 we have suffered a pandem-

ic and economic turmoil in this country setting us back years and years. I feel I have a calling to somehow help however I can, in fact I feel compelled to. That is why I chose to become a Merchant Cash Advance ISO. With a history working as a relationship banker in the past I can tell you from first hand experience that it is not easy to aquire business funding these days. Banks are just not funding truly small businesses. The big banks are very picky with who they fund as they are extremely risk intolerant.


     I am honored to work with Mom & Pop business funding because they are not like the rest of the MCA companies out there. They care about me, and they care about you. Mom & Pop business funding has been the pioneers in this industry since the market crash of '08. So you can say this is not our first rodeo. If you are looking for freedom of flexibility of terms and lower rates than all the other MCA companies out there then look no further. We've been around longer, we do things a little differently. I am proud to hear you out, and serve you and your business. Whether you need money to satisfy debts, purchase inventory or equipment. Or advertising and marketing, or anything at all. I love to help and it fulfills me to be able to do so. Brick by brick, we can rebuild this great country together. Why don't we get started, call me to get pre-qualified.


Dan Rodriguez is here to help you with your business and your working capital needs. We provide unsecured working capital up to $1,000,000.00 in 2 to 3 days with a minimal amount of documentation for ease of entry as you as a business owner have better things to do than compile documentation for a bank over the course of 60 to 90 days.

Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom and Pop Business Funding and Dan Rodriguez are here for you, now, and in the future to meet your financial needs.


Mom and Pop Merchant Solutions DBA Mom and Pop Business 

Funding approves and funds more deals than our competitors. We will look at any type of credit

and, companies that have't been in business very long. Our in-house underwriting team is more apt to approve files that other funding companies turn down.


With our own in-house under-

writing team, we can get a decision faster than any other funding company, so we can fund deals quicker. Most of our files are approved the same day, and often times fund the same day, which means you get paid faster and your merchants are much happier and keep coming back for more money.


Because we perform our own in-house underwriting and funding, the business owners will get their working capital quicker.

Faster funding means happier clients and repeat customers. In addition, referrals will come naturally. Because of this your business owners will gladly recommend you to fellow business owners.

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